Instant Tan

Self-tan application. Manual & spray-tan. Kit Fee: R1,800

Holistic Massage

Swedish massage technique. Most popular massage offered in spas. Muscles of the body, infra-red and vibratory massage.Not therapeutic modality. Requirements Anatomy & Physiology Full, First-Aid.

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils & their uses, blending, storage, contra-indications, aromatherapy massage techniques, psychological effects. Not therapeutic modality. Requirements Anatomy & Physiology Full, First-Aid. Kit Fee: R3,450


Feet & hand pressure point massaging on reflexes. History & Philosophy, Techniques, Zones, Contra-indications. Clinical & Holistic techniques. Not therapeutic modality. Requirements Anatomy & Physiology…

Indian Head Massage

Ancient technique of scalp massage. Use of specialised oils.Aromatherapy oils and their uses. Kit Fee: R500

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual massage. Light touch application to improve sluggish metabolism and slow lymphatic flow. Assists with pre and post-operative treatments.Requirements Holistic Massage.  

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage techniques; Sports injuries; work with sports people who require massage for pre- & post-training. Requirements Holistic Massage & Exercise Therapy.  

Lash Extensions

Classic lashes, long lasting, individual lashes applied to each eyelash. Kit Fee: R4,000

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