Backend Development

R 3,990.00 R 3,591.00

What's the Story?

This course builds a highly in-demand specialised skill set in backend technologies. It is also an ideal complementary course for anyone who is proficient in frontend technologies and is interested in becoming a full-stack developer. The course begins with a brief introduction to frontend languages and then dives head-on into PHP, one of the most commonly used languages used to build the web. These tools are used to work with databases to build sophisticated data-driven web applications.

The online experience is self-paced, yet full of opportunities to interact with your classmates. You will be assigned an expert code coach who will be available to answer your questions and do 1-on-1 video calls with you. The course is full of videos, code demonstrations and practical challenges that will ensure you have the skills to build web products.

Skills & Requirements

Computer and internet

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3-5 Months

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Backend Development

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