eCommerce – Bolt-on Course

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What's the Story?

Develop a World-Class Online Store


In this eCommerce with WordPress course, you will learn how to create an amazing online store. We will cover
everything from installing your online shop to configuring payment gateways. With this course, you will be able to
build a fully functional advanced online shop selling a variety of product types.


You will learn how to sell normal products like a t-shirt, digital products for download like audio, video or any digital document. You will also learn how to sell variable products like different sizes or colours and finally linked products like a laptop with a laptop carry bag. You will also learn how to sell external/affiliate products.


This eCommerce Development Course will teach you how to create an advanced shopping website with the ease of using WordPress. The course is very easy to follow with practical step by step instructions on how to create a world-class online shopping experience. We will also look at how to extend your shop by incorporating SMS notifications and bulk email marketing campaigns.


You will also learn all about eCommerce best practices and payment gateways in South Africa and International. We will look at Coupon Management and Integration for Marketing purposes.


Finally, we will look at in-depth reporting and shop management roles.


After you completed this course we guarantee you that you will be able to develop a world-class eCommerce enabled website.


Please note that this is a bolt-on to the complete WordPress Course – Advanced Websites

Skills & Requirements

Pre-requisit: Introduction To Web Design – HTML & CSS and WordPress

Apply Directly With Web Design Academy

You need a Trusted Profile before applying for this course.

What Details do I Need to Know?


Full time on campus


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eCommerce – Bolt-on Course

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