Personal Budgeting

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Are you truly in control of your finances? This course is designed to teach individuals and families from all income groups about the basic principles of budgeting and personal financial management. Apart from teaching the course participants how to physically set up a budget, tools to analyse and understand a budget are also presented. Personal finances and how we should think about money is discussed on an individual and family level, with a section set up specifically for married couples.

Does it sometimes feel like your wallet or bank-accounts are on autopilot? Do you sometimes wonder why you bought a specific item? Are you uncertain about how much you spend on groceries every month? Are you in conflict with other people because of money? Or does your monthly income just not feel enough?

You will find great value in this course if you answered YES to any of the aforementioned questions. Over-and-above learning how to set up a budget, participant will also learn to understand their own financial habits and spending behaviour better. Most importantly, the course aims to help you to avoid falling into financial traps and to become a good steward of your finances.

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Personal Budgeting

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