How to make your new intern feel right at home

We’ve all experienced our first day at a new job. We remember the rollercoaster of emotions like it was yesterday.




Your new intern will be feeling these things and perhaps much more because it is their very first taste of the real world. As much as it is up to them to learn as much as they can, it’s also up to you, as a company, to make them feel part of your family. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a stranger where you’re meant to feel at home.

How do we do this?

  • Onboarding is more important than your morning coffee (We could assist in creating an onboarding plan for you).

  • Make sure that your newbie is allocated a buddy; someone nice, welcoming and knows everything there is to know about the company. Rotate this task amongst your colleagues – you wouldn’t want one person responsible for this task.

  • Make sure that your staff/colleagues are nice to interns and that they are open to being approached for directions around the office or even just quick chat.

  • Please don’t send your intern on coffee runs. Not cool. Get your own coffee. (Or maybe wait a month or two – until they feel a little more part of the team)

  • If the intern reports to you – never forget that this individual is there to learn and become great. Couple your management style with a little more patience than normal.

  • You, as a company, will be the foundation of the rest of the intern’s career. Make sure that you’ve laid the best cement, tiles and grout.

  • Throughout their internship, conduct official reviews. It shows you that you’re either doing something right or not. And it allows the intern a chance to find out whether they’re on the right track, or not.

  • Make sure that they’re treated as part of the furniture, or at least a shiny new chair. Make sure that they feel like they belong, for as long as they are there.

There’s always more to say, and more advice to give, but start here. Let us know if you’d like a little more guidance.

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