Tips for why you should apply to an FLP (learnership/bursary)

In the last article, we covered the basics of what a funded learning programme (FLP) is and how they are changing the learning and employment environment. We hope you’ve had time to read up about FLPs and are ready to start applying! 

There are a lot of reasons to apply to a funded learning programme. As a young individual who is starting out their career, the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge is invaluable as it sets you in the right direction. In a funded learning program you will be able to earn the theoretical and practical must-haves. As mentioned in our previous segment, to be an all-rounder in today’s job environment you need the right amount of practical and theoretical knowledge which will make you employable in a specific trade. Here are 4 main reasons why you should apply for an FLP. Let’s get right into it 👇

  1. A funded learning program will help you gain the qualification that you need when it comes to theory and practice all at the same time! It’s pretty cool that your learning experience won’t be separate and you get to experience different sides of learning all at once. This is quite different from other learning opportunities where you’ll have to gain theoretical knowledge then move on to practical skills which take quite a while to accomplish.
  2. You are able to earn a stipend to sustain yourself. This is the part that sets funded learning programmes apart from the rest and is probably the coolest part yet. Usually, learning comes at a huge cost and that means it will be a long time until you start earning money to sustain yourself. In a funded learning programme, you earn a stipend which you can use towards covering personal expenses and sustaining yourself. You must admit, it is pretty cool that you get to earn while you learn and become a bit independent while at it.
  3. You gain work experience that gives you a competitive edge from your peers straight out of university. The work experience required at any job can be a barrier to access opportunities because you may be a new graduate yet required to have experience at the same time. In a funded learning programme you can get ahead simply because you have experience in exactly what you studied to do immediately when you finish, this eliminates what is considered one of the major roadblocks to securing employment.
  4. Lastly, you have a chance to secure full-time employment after you complete your programme. Most FLP providers see the benefit of employing someone that they trained themselves, this is because you probably will be familiar with all the job requirements once you finish your programme and are successful at it. Once you have completed your programme and have all the required skills, you’ll be qualified and industry-ready which will put you at the top of most employers’ lists.

Now that we’ve got all the reasons to apply out of the way, we hope that you will be making use of our “one click apply” function that helps you get applications out quicker and easier! 

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